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Courtney Gayle is a multifaceted singer and performer, born and raised in a suburban town just north of Detroit, MI. Courtney’s parents found out quickly, as a young toddler, that she had a special talent as she began to sing along with the songs they sang to her as she was being tucked in for the night. 


As a result of this discovery, her first solo performance was at the family’s church at the age of 5. From that point on, Courtney was a featured soloist in all her school and church choirs and entered singing competitions all across the state of Michigan. 


She caught the attention of a music manager at the age of 15 and recorded her first vocal demo CD at the age of 16 (yes, this was back when people listened to actual CD’s), which garnered the genesis of her experience in song-writing and vocal studio recording.



After High School, Courtney was enrolled at Oakland University, in Michigan, where she received her BA in Musical Theater after performing in numerous productions including musicals, straight plays, special solo vocal performances, and regional theater festivals. 


During that time, she landed her first professional gig as the lead vocalist for the Dan Rafferty Band of E3 Detroit (2005-2008), which is still known as one of the premier live music wedding bands in Metro-Detroit. While in college, she met the friends who would help facilitate the next major chapter of her life… 


Courtney moved to New York City in September of 2008 where her professional journey really began to launch as a singer, model, actress, and voiceover artist. Over the course of 12 years, she worked for some of the top wedding bands in the event industry, performing for over 1,000 events including weddings, corporate parties, holiday parties, fundraising galas, festivals, and beyond.


Known for her powerful yet intimate vocal style, she established herself as an actress after her one-woman show, “The Blurred Lines” made a splash at the Metropolitan Room. Shortly thereafter, she made her musical theater debut at the Fulton Opera House, originating the role of Nana in It Happened in Key West. 

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Fast forward to today, where Courtney and Eli share their new home in Austin, she couldn’t be happier! She’s been able to work with a handful of other Austin-based artists and live music bands. 

She is a dog-mom to a 2-year old vizsla, an avid boxer (to stay in shape), and a self-proclaimed “professional foodie” who loves to eat her way through the Austin culinary scene.  This midwest girl loves spending time with her family and building the empire of Gritty Sunset (link to home page) with her partner, and love, Eli. They are currently working on an EP of original music as the duo and can’t wait to share it with the world.  Follow Gritty Sunset on facebook to see their upcoming public live music shows.

For more information about Courtney Gayle check out her website at

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